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No Body Like You(rs)

No Body Like You(rs)

It's been three years of styling at Brother Friend and here's a thing I've learned:

Ain't nobody like you, ain't no body like yours.

During my time consulting Greek-life orgs, I learned that many frat houses are scattered with muscle and fitness magazines. Hey, women aren't alone in their body image discussions. Hello, empathy.

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Making Your Mark

Making Your Mark

In the moment, the wrong mark might have felt like a mistake to be removed. So I did. But it wasn’t a mistake. It was a mark waiting to be refined. 

So, now what? No more eraser, plenty more lead. Guess the mistakes will stay right there on the page.

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Start Where You Are

Start Where You Are If you want to go someplace new, where you are now doesn't matter.

People who make things happen do so by accepting where they are today but refusing to let it limit them. They realize they have control over their destinies. They own next.

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