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words from a friend

Summer's Here

Summer's Here

"Summer's here, I'm for that. I've got my rubber sandals, got my straw hat. Got my cold beer, man, I'm glad that it's here." James Taylor. I haven't heard that song in 25 years, but I hear it in my head every summer.  Summer used to mean time to lay...

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Let's Keep Going

Let's Keep Going

There are days in the shop when we know we're not really making a living, but there's never a day we're unsure whether or not we're making a life. So, we keep going. We're making a life. Yeah. We started the shop as part of a plan for the future....

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Start Where You Are

Start Where You Are If you want to go someplace new, where you are now doesn't matter.

People who make things happen do so by accepting where they are today but refusing to let it limit them. They realize they have control over their destinies. They own next.

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