No Body Like You(rs)

It's been three years of styling at Brother Friend and here's a thing I've learned:

Ain't nobody like you, ain't no body like yours.

Jessica at Wet Salon once told me that people often bring in a picture of a lovely model and ask, "Can you make me look like this?"

The stylist can use the picture for inspiration, but that's not your hair and it's not you. She does her best.

A similar thing happens with clothing, but it usually revolves around size. 

"I've always been a medium," he told me as he struggled to button the jacket. 

Okay, but sometimes you're not. That's not necessarily you, it might be the clothes.

Sidebar: during my time consulting Greek-life orgs, I learned that many frat houses are scattered with muscle and fitness magazines. Hey, women aren't alone in their body image discussions.

Anyway, welcome the right fit. Ignore the size tag.

The model used for sizing the product you want to wear had a particular body type. It's probably not yours. Most of us don't have whatever passes for sample size bodies much less the designers ideal.

We have our bodies, and no body has a body just like yours.

In other news, ain't nobody like you.

Embrace the fit and style that give you confidence. Cut the tag out if you must.