LODE is a monthly delivery of things guys like curated by Brother Friend. It's being field tested with a small group of our customer friends. LODEs are menswear essentials, apothecary for body and home, and other things of interest.

Participants receive one shipment (LODE) per month for twelve months.

A LODE might include a shirt, pants, cologne, soap, lotion, sunglasses, a ball cap, a wrist wrap, home scents, a book, or some other great thing for the season.

Conceived as a $150 per month subscription program, we wanted to deliver more value at less price. So, early adopters are being offered a $1000 prepaid annual subscription. The annual agreement saves you $500 per year.

Annually, the LODE delivers $1500 to $2000 value at retail. 

Interested? We'll do a quick phone consult or profile survey to learn your size, favorite colors, like and dislikes of all sorts (e.g. coffee or tea, beer or wine, boxers or briefs).

Founders also receive 20% off purchases and free espresso drinks.

Add "LODE" to the subject line of your message to info@brotherfriend.com, tell us your name, give us a phone number and we'll reach out in one business day or less.