If you're reading this page, you may be holding a bottle of Grackle Oil. Maybe we met you by the van at Pease Park or you met one of our retailers. Want the deets on the drink you're holding? Well, first a story.

Once upon a time (hey, all good stories start like this so just be patient) some young folks were working in a high traffic eatery near downtown Austin. Lines were out the door most days and into the night. It took a lot of energy to keep up with the crowds. As you might imagine it would take supernatural powers to match the pace of the day. Lacking supernatural powers, the crew turned to a variety of substances. This wasn't a good look.

One day they decided to experiment with caffeine. However, it had to be done in the context of the menu. As fate would have it, Austin has a special coffee culture. That made coffee the natural goto for caffeine, but there was not room for an espresso machine or barista in their shop. The crew studied cold brewing techniques and develop a recipe for something that had the natural taste of Austin (lots of pecans here), an uncomplicated coffee varietal, and no sugar. Hey, no sugar crashes allowed here.

That was 10 years ago. The eatery was swept away during flash floods and the crew went their separate ways. 

Fast forward to now. We began to talk about doing a cold brew only coffee cart from our shop in east Austin. One of the founders had been part of that crew from the now defunct eatery. We explored again and put our own little spin on the recipe. Today, we call that Grackle Oil. 


Grackle Oil at Thom's Market Austin Texas


Now, what's inside:

  • Pecan (or Berry, or Vanilla) Roasted Coffee Beans prepped for Toddy 
  • Filtered spring water
  • Love
  • Time


  • One serving per bottle but it's easily shareable as two drinks over ice
  • No sugar
  • Zero calories
  • About 280 mg caffeine per bottle

Serving ideas:

The product has a sweetness from the chocolate notes in our bean choice but there is no sugar. Please give it a little taste test before you consider adding sweetener.

  • Straight from the refrigerated bottle
  • Pour over ice and add a splash of your favorite dairy or non-dairy creamer
  • or, pour 1/3 Grackle Oil to 2/3 Topo Chio over ice and serve for an afternoon pick-me-up (hits like a cola but without out the bad stuff)

We brew the coffee cold as per the name.  We recommend that you keep the product refrigerated and use within 30 days of purchase. As if you've not already consumed it.

There are no known allergens. However, if you're allergic to nuts or live with someone who is allergic, please exercise your own best practices for foods.

Our kitchen partner is:

Wingman Kitchen
1023 Springdale Road, Building 1, Suite 1
Austin, TX 78721

We're located at:

Brother Friend
2213 Poquito St. #100
Austin, TX 78722

*Oil is one of many nicknames we grew up hearing for coffee. 
*Grackle is the unofficial national bird of Austin. You may have heard it said that, "Grackle ain't got no boss." The bird's diet largely consist of tortilla chips found on the patio tabletops around the city. Grackle Oil is not derived from Grackles. Yeah, we've been asked.