If you're seeing this page, then we've likely met. Thanks for making a little extra time to tap and learn more about the Brother Friend experience. Let's get to it.

First, a gift for you...



Screen shot the above image and present it in our shop.

Now, the other stuff.

Apparel - we carefully curate things that are great for date night, for the weekend, to elevate your casual wardrobe, or ready for the creative spaces we now work. Some of our designers may be new to you. We hope so.

Our favorites include Stitch Note, Hiroshi Kato, TOMS (boots), Richer Poorer, Alex Crane, Joe's Jeans, Stan Ray, Elwood Clothing, Shinola (watches), and some carefully selected companion pieces from the coolest little places.

Coffee - we make espresso drinks in shop all day Monday through Friday, but we really love to make espresso drinks for our friends at Pease Park each weekend (Saturday and Sunday mornings 9-12). We call the coffee experience, Take Care. So, please do.

We collaborate with Texas French Bread and Lola's Donuts to bring fresh pastries to Pease Park on the weekends. 

The coffee experience is something we offer for private events as well.

Wine - we're new to wine, so come learn with us. Twice each month we'll add a new vineyard to our wine rack. You're invited to come experience the new varietals or stop in a grab a bottle as a gift for a friend.

Right now we're enjoying Las Jaras wines. Can you say, "sweet berry wine"? And we're learning about Tarpon Winery. Sip with us.

Music - we're musical people. In fact, one of our founders is a touring musician. It's our appreciation for live music and our friendship with Pease Park Conservancy that produced a monthly event we call Pease Nights. It's live music the last Friday of the month. We also collaborate with a concert promotion company, Sofar Sounds, to present at least one live show in our shop each month. Watch our Instagram for details.  

Oh, there's more. We provide DJ services that revolve around two turntables and vinyl records from the 60s, 70s, and 80s. Our goal is to help you set a mood. We try to stay out of the way after that.

Want to know more? Message us through Instagram, email us, or call.