Start Where You Are
Where are you? It doesn't matter. Get going.

I jumped into the car bound for Dell City, Oklahoma. The first thing I did was open Google Maps. The app needed permission to use my current location and the address of my next location.

Getting directions to the next place depended on knowing my current place.

It's not that way in other aspects of life.

Where we are today has little to do with what happens moving forward. Some people allow what they are now or have been to keep them from doing what they can or want to do.

I'll repeat that for those in the back. If you want to go someplace new, where you are now doesn't matter.

People who make things happen do so by accepting where they are today but refusing to let it limit them. They realize they have far more control over their destinies than that.

They don't ask anyone's permission or consider the perception others have of them. Google Maps has no say (if you know what I mean, raise your hand).

We have some control over where we're going and none over where we've been. So, let's stop focusing on what we were and where we are and pour our energy into what can be.

When Sunny and I go for a walk, we step out the door, and I say, "let's go this way." And so we do.