Back in the day, we'd find these at the Army Surplus Store, match them with a radio station t-shirt and our Nike Cortez or Converse All Stars just in time for the first bell. Now, it's easier. You click. We ship. And the pairings are different. 

Today, we roll the leg up a turn or two, put on a chukka boot, and throw on an untucked denim shirt. Or, maybe it's the same pant with a sweatshirt and high-top leather (insert your brand here) sneakers. It's all good.

The Tellason take on fatigue pants means that you'll get the durability promised to those who originally inspired the pant and the fit asked for by the modern man.

The pants feature a zipper fly, deep front pockets, and button back pockets.

By the way, the pants are long. So you may roll them or tuck them in a boot, or just live with it. You've got this, soldier.