The Way You Feel
Did you feel that? It was a first impression.

One of our campaigns says that "first impressions happen once and last forever." So what goes into making a first impression?

Somebody is going to tell you it's the way you look. Alright, dress for the impression you want to create.

Others are going to tell you it's the way you speak. Okay, speak clearly and truthfully.

A friend says it's a promise kept. Cool. Be where you say you're going to be when you said you were going to be there.

But we're reminded over and over again that there's something else.

Something not seen.

Something not heard.

Something felt.

The most lasting first impression is the way we make others feel. Not about us but about themselves.

Do they feel safe?

Do they feel like they belong?

Do they feel respected?

Do they feel loved? Yeah, I said love.

Somebody asked me recently about our brand. They spoke of other "men's brands," identifying several in a way we recognized.

Then about us.

"Do you really think you can build a brand around being nice guys?" he asked.

My answer was, "Is that what we are? Thank you. That's going to be a hard identity to live up to, but wouldn't it be nice?"
Photo Credit: Alberto Secondi on location at Pease Park, Austin, Texas