The Fit

Are you still working from home or looking to ease your way back into the office?

You may or may not agree with Morgan Stanley CEO James Gorman's stance on remote work, but you have to admire his blunt directness. According to the Financial Times, Gorman said about his return-to-the-office plan, "If you can go into a restaurant in New York City, you can come into the office." To underscore his desire for people to return to their respective offices, Gorman said he'd be "very disappointed" if workers have not "found their way into the office" by the Labor Day holiday on September 6.  

Okay, so does that schedule fit yours?

Few of the people we meet are investment bankers. You won't find a single necktie, cufflink, or starched collar shirt here. But we do know that clothes can make us feel a certain way, whether that's about work or hitting that NYC restaurant Gorman refers to. So, we're going to talk about fit. Outfits (hat tip to my friend Mandy who used to refer to my clothes combinations as outfits even if I insisted they weren't).

We still run a branding and marketing practice even as we run this shop. That means we're dealing with professional people every day. And we've learned something. If we're barefoot and in short pants, they can tell. It's not so much about how we look (they can only see from the waist up) as it is how we might become a bit too casual in our interaction. If we look like we don't care, one has to wonder if we do.

Nice sneakers, light denim, a summer t-shirt--that doesn't include a beer, college, or sports logo--will make a difference. In how you feel. In how you're perceived. Whether you're on a Zoom or test driving a day in the office.

Hey, we help guys figure this stuff out every day. Oh, and not everything is pink. But don't sleep on it. It might work for you.

Last thing...

You're a grown man, and it's okay to dress like one. Even at home--working or not.