Make It Last

It's a paradox to be a purveyor of new things while loving things that last (i.e., old things). But that's who we are. You'll find my uncle's tackle box on our gift table; a guitar played by three generations standing near the coffee shop; and one of us wearing jeans we've had forever. 

You'll see new jackets inspired by what a personal hero may have worn decades before us; a cattleman's hat like the worn by the guy who showed us how gentlemen behave; and a shirt inspired by a generation of people that simply knew what it meant to do hard work.

The future is found at the intersection of our heritage and how what we might learn from it, good or bad, to create a better future.

The "why" for the existence of what you'll find in our shop won't fade even if the jeans do.

We want something that will last.

The goal of lasting is why we started with serving. The people we've met through community aren't transactions, they are relationships--even if only for a moment. The quality of the interaction can't be summed up in a tip chart. It's seen on the faces of those served as they walk away.

Wherever you shop this holiday season, and in the days that follow, we hope that you'll find something that will last--in your wardrobe and throughout the other parts of your life.

Note: the jeans in the photo have been in the family since 1981.