Keep On Keeping On

Keep On, Y'all

Curtis Mayfield sang, “Keep on keeping on.” Let's do like the man says.

But wait! There’s so much bad going on; COVID-19, economy-gone-wild, political ruckus, and civil rights done wrong. It can make reaching doing work seem trivial.

Yeah, but “keep on keeping on.”

Maybe you're wondering, "How can I show empathy with others and work on my goals?"

By doing both. It’s imperfect, but "keep on."

Curtis sang, “Many think that we have blown it, but they too will soon admit that there’s still a lot of love among us. And there’s still a lot of faith and warmth and trust." 

He sings, “ and downs is it’s sorrow looks like joy tomorrow.”

Bad exists, but "keep on." Good exists, too. 

Maybe it's easier if we bring a friend along. After all, if we all keep on keeping on, well, that might just tip the scales in the favor of good.

We created the keep on sweatshirt as a way to show that we're in this together. 

Put one on and let's keep on keeping on!