Insert Thoughts Here
When we started talking about the store being a real thing, I went where I always go. Well, the two places.

First, to my knees. Is this the right thing? I asked the one that made me.

Second, where do ideas come from and where do we put them.

I went to my journals. There are dozens. Yeah, I’m digital and have been online since, well, there was an online. But that’s always been more about practice and production than ideation and reflection.

A pencil. A small paper journal. Just you with your thoughts and doodles or notes of thoughts borrowed from others. That was the second place.

Have you created a journal, a second place? If so, you probably have some good stuff in it waiting to become real. If not, it’s time to start one and put some thoughts in there.

But beware. The stuff is going to want to come out. It’s going to leave the page and live out here with us.

Does that surprise you? It shouldn’t. It’s been out before. The first time was the distance between your hand and the page.

Got a Dad with ideas? Want to do one for yourself? I've been using this Made Free journal because it's so portable and a Blackwing pencil because it feels good and makes good lines. Each is part of the Dad’s Journal Bag on our website.