What you can add is a lot.

There are so many ways to look at starting something new. Too many of them begin and end with what we stand to gain. 

What we stand to gain emphasizes a transaction where we come out the winner. 

What we stand to gain puts us at the center of the moment.

What we stand to gain creates an us versus them scenario.

But what if it was about what we stand to add?

My family and I are starting a new business. Well, maybe you knew that. You're visiting its website now. Anyway, we’re doing it because we wanted to do something together. We’re doing it because we wanted to be part of something. Something we could add to. A place. A group of people. Lives.

Of course, we want to make a living, but it’s at least as much about creating a life worth living.

There’s been planning, doing, and some do-overs. One do-over was the decision to paint a desert landscape. We’d painted it on an interior wall. But it didn’t feel right.

Enter the black cross or plus sign. The symbol is about addition or something positive. The idea felt like us, so we painted it over the desert. Put one on a t-shirt. Then a shaving mug. You see where this might go.

We can gain a lot by adding.